Improve Your English Pronunciation

Be Clear and Confident Speaking English

ACE™ Pronunciation Training

Now in a 14-week

Accent on Clear English™ is for anyone wanting to be more clearly understood and more confident speaking English.

  • Improve your English pronunciation
  • Reduce your accent and be more easily understood
  • Be confident speaking English at home, at work and in the community
  • Complete the course online at your convenience
  • Enjoy lifetime access to the course content

Why ACE™ Training Online?

Improve your English pronunciation with ACE™ Training Online

It's Effective

ACE™  Training Online is  proven to help you improve your English pronunciation. Each of the 14 training modules includes pronunciation goals and strategies to help you decrease your accent. Practice the module content to become more clear and confident speaking English.

It's Convenient

Complete the ACE™ Training Modules whenever and wherever works best for you. Membership includes lifetime access to the content. Continue to practice and improve long past the 14 weeks. 

It's Affordable

ACE™ Training Online is offered at a fraction of the cost of direct training. Whether you’re looking for a promotion at work, or simply want to be better understood, ACE™ Training Online is an affordable resource for personal and professional development.

Client Testimonials

ACE™ empowers clients

I like how ACE Training was structured. The materials (print & audio) were very helpful and we covered one topic at a time. I saw my pronunciation improve bit by bit. Surprisingly, not only did my pronunciation improve, but I began to understand other people better. After taking ACE Training, I was assigned to present two webinars to Husky vendors. I consider this assignment a recognition of my achievements by management!
Nina Belyavsky
Husky Energy
Participating in ACE Training was truly a great experience, a pleasure to be a part of this program and I highly recommend this training to anyone that is looking for an accent reduction program. Lisa is a fantastic pronunciation coach, she has years of knowledge and experience in accent reduction, therefore she can tailor the course content to be effective and make a big difference.
Ivonne Gamboa
President & CEO GOAT Generation Ltd.