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Now in an

Due to popular demand we’ve created ACE™ Training Online!

We heard you and acknowledge that face-to-face ACE™ accent modification training is not easily accessible to all who are interested. ACE™ Training is now available as an online e-course! Empower your English pronunciation with weekly pronunciation modules and work on them at your own pace. The result will be that you are more clearly understood and confident speaking English. Maybe you will even get that promotion you deserve!

Why ACE™ Training Online?

Investing in yourself makes sense, personally and professionally

It's Effective!

ACE™ Pronunciation Training is a proven effective method for accent reduction. It assists members to be clearly understood and confident speaking English. Each of the 14 comprehensive training modules includes high impact pronunciation goals and strategies. These modules were created by Lisa Bjerke, a speech language pathologist with over 30 years of experience in accent modification. Practice the module content and notice a significant decrease in degree of perceived accent.

It's Convenient!

The ACE™ Training Modules can be worked on at your convenience and at your own pace. You will have life time access to the learning modules with your membership. You no longer need to schedule training sessions for specific days and times. If you have a busy schedule and are motivated to improve your English pronunciation, you can now achieve your goal of being more clearly understood. Bring the modules with you wherever you go and practice at times that suit you best.

It's Affordable!

We know that direct training with a speech language pathologist specializing in accent modification is not available to everyone. We also understand that without benefits or employer sponsorship, training may not be affordable. ACE™Training Online  is offered at a fraction of the cost of direct training. Whether you’re looking for a promotion at work, or simply want to be more clearly understood, acetraining.online is an affordable resource for personal and professional development.

What You'll Achieve

Decrease your degree of perceived accent and be more clearly understood. Practice the comprehensive module content to empower your pronunciation.

Confidence Speaking English

Your confidence grows as you become more easily understood. This new-found confidence can help you feel comfortable speaking to friends and colleagues, contributing at meeting, and making presentations. Your listening comprehension will also improve significantly.

Accurate Consonant Sounds

Many English consonants may not be in your first language. Hear the difference between common substitutions and omissions. Learn correct placement of the tongue, lips and jaw to form consonants accurately. Structured practice leads to lasting changes in pronunciation and accent.

Accurate Vowel Sounds

Many English vowels may not occur in your first language. Hear the difference between common substitutions for English vowels. Learn to accurately shape new vowel sounds with your tongue, lips and jaw. Structured and consistent practice leads to lasting changes in pronunciation and accent.

New Stress & Intonation Patterns

Every language has its own unique timing system. These timing differences contribute to the “music” of the language. Learn to hear and use common English stress and intonation patterns. Using these new patterns will result in you being more clearly understood.

Common Spelling of English Sounds

English is not a truly phonetic language. Some letters make more than one sound. Some sounds are spelled in different ways. Familiarize yourself with common spellings for English consonant and vowel sounds. This knowledge may assist with the pronunciation of unfamiliar words.

Lasting Improvement

Modifying accent is an ongoing process involving the formation of new muscle memories. After your 14-week membership, you have unlimited access to the comprehensive training modules. You will also develop a pronunciation plan to maintain and continue improving your pronunciation.

About the Creator

Photo of Lisa Bjerke, Creator of ACE Training Online
Lisa Bjerke, MSLP, R.SLP S-LP (C)
Director of Optima Communications

Lisa is a registered and certified speech language pathologist who graduated from the University of Alberta with an undergraduate degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, with Distinction, in 1987 and a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 1996. She is the director of Optima Communications and the Accent on Canadian English (ACE) ™ Training Program. She is a corporate communication coach working with clients to enhance communication skills. Lisa consults with the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine and Post Graduate Medical Education Program as a communication and professionalism coach.

Lisa is a recognized expert in accent assessment and training. She is the author of Accent on Canadian English: a pronunciation program for speakers of English as a second language™ , Accent on Canadian English™ e-book, Accent on Clear English™ e-book and the Accent on Canadian English Pronunciation Assessment Kit™. She coaches and facilitates accent modification programs to support English as second language (ESL) speakers in corporate, educational, and private settings.

Lisa facilitates “Train the Trainer” Accent Modification Workshops across Canada and internationally. These workshops are designed to assist speech language pathologists and ESL instructors to accurately evaluate pronunciation and provide effective accent modification programs.

Client Testimonials

Read how ACE™ has empowered our clients...

I like how ACE Training was structured. The materials (print & audio) were very helpful and we covered one topic at a time. I saw my pronunciation improve bit by bit. Surprisingly, not only did my pronunciation improve, but I began to understand other people better. After taking ACE Training, I was assigned to present two webinars to Husky vendors. I consider this assignment a recognition of my achievements by management!
Nina Belyavsky
Husky Energy
Participating in ACE Training was truly a great experience, a pleasure to be a part of this program and I highly recommend this training to anyone that is looking for an accent reduction program. Lisa is a fantastic pronunciation coach, she has years of knowledge and experience in accent reduction, therefore she can tailor the course content to be effective and make a big difference.
Ivonne Gamboa
President & CEO GOAT Generation Ltd.

Learn More

The ACE™ Training Program is offered in two different formats.

ACE™ Canadian icon

ACE™ Canadian

The Canadian Training Program contains some pronunciation patterns that are unique to Canadian speakers. It also has references and vocabulary specific to Canadian geography, culture and lifestyle. This Training Program is recommended for participants currently living in Canada and for those planning to immigrate to Canada. It is open to everyone who may be interested.​

ACE™ International icon

ACE™ International

The International Training Program was designed to meet the needs of those participants who prefer to sound more “North American” and slightly less “Canadian”. This accent is typical of people living along the Pacific northwest coast of Canada and the United States. There are more international references in vocabulary, geography and lifestyle in the course content. This Training Program is intended for people living outside of Canada. It is also open to everyone who is interested.​